K Is For Kiva ~ Blogging From A-to-Z April Challenge 2022

Kiva is a international non-profit founded in 2005 and is based in San Francisco, CA. This non-profit allows a person to apply for a 0% interest free loan for things such as starting a small business. Loans available through crowdfunding.

Instead of a person donating to this cause, they would be loaning the money, in increments of $25 or more. Once your money is paid back, you can either relend or withdraw your funds.

Those looking for a loan would apply. Your application would then be visible to 1.6 million lenders worldwide. You have 36 months to pay the loan in full.

Blogging From A-to-Z April Challenge Posts

A Is For Animals Rescue

B Is For Bioneers

C Is For Concerns Of Police Survivors

D Is For Dancin Power

E Is For Earn To Learn

F Is For Families To Freedom

G Is For Guitars 4 Vets

H Is For Hand To Hold

I Is For Icing Smiles

J Is For Jewish Voice Ministries, International

K Is For Kiva

L Is For Laboratory To Combat Human Trafficking

M Is For Magic Bullet Fund

N Is For N Street Village

O Is For Old Pine Farm Natural Lands Trust

P Is For Perfect Harmony Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

Q Is For Quabbin Quills

R Is For Random Acts

S Is For St Jude India ChildCare Centres

T Is For Take A Breather

U Is For U First

V Is For Vanderpump Dogs

W Is For WEA

X Is For Xposehope

Y Is For Your Heart On Art

Z Is For Zaenah’s Blanket Foundation

Disclaimer: This post is for general information only. It is part of the Blogging From A-to-Z April Challenge (2022). I am not affiliated with or endorse this non-profit organization. Please use caution when donating online.



  1. That’s a good idea instead of someone loaning a huge amount and someone having to pay back a huge sum at once.

    Very insightful post.

    Hope you check out my A-Z challenge posts in which I am trying to have every sentence of the story (one chapter a day) start with the letter of the day https://momandideas.com/

  2. I enjoy lending to Kiva. A fun and unusual feature is that when the funds are paid back, they can then be lent to another borrower. So, I put some money into Kiva a decade ago that still gets lent and re-lent without my giving more.

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