Musical Monday ~ Who Sang It Better ~ Please Don’t Go

In 1979, KC & The Sunshine Band released the song, Please Don’t Go, which was the groups first love ballad. Shortly after it hit #1 the group broke up and Harry Wayne Casey ventured out on his own, making this the bands final #1 hit on the US Billboard Hit 100 Chart. The flipside of this 45, I Betcha Didn’t Know That, hit #25 on the R & B Chart. KC & The Sunshine Bands version became an international chart hit.

Double You, an Italian group that was founded in 1985, released their version of Please Don’t Go in 1992. This Eurodance group made it into a dance version. Their rendition earned Double You many gold and platinum records in Europe, Latin America and Asia. This record also sold in North America, Israel and made it to #2 in the United Kingdom on the Cool Cuts Chart.

Also in 1992, Please Don’t Go was released by a British Group, KWS. It became a #1 hit on the UK Singles Chart for five weeks. Months later it reached #6 on the US Billboard Hot 100. In Germany it was #7 on the German Singles Chart only to disappear due to legal issues. The similarity between KWS version of the song and that of Double You resulted in a 3 year legal battle. Compensation was awarded to the producer of Double You.



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