#Bloganuary Writing Prompt ~ Describe yourself as a tree ~ January 30, 2022

Tall and strong with a few loose limbs, but always ready to weather the toughest of storms. A crown (top of tree) that reminds you of Farah Fawcet. Branches, with leaves of all shapes, sizes and color, living in harmony and reaching for the stars. Roots that run deep and sturdy, forever nourished in love.

When you sit under me, I will not only protect you from the sun, but will bring about a relaxing, peaceful feeling. A special place for you.

When my leaves fall and you think I have died. Fear not, for I am just going to sleep for a while, to rejuvenate. Soon you will see new buds appear. My leaves will grow and once again I will be there for you, refreshed and renewed.



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