A Blog A Day ~ A Month Of Random (And Totally Awesome) Blogs To Check Out For September 2019


I know a blog a day won’t keep the doctor away, like an apple might. However, blogs help us in a multitude of other ways. A blog can teach us how to do an algebra problem, find information on a medical condition, learn about a new culture, or find a great recipe. With over 150 million blogs and a new one being created every half second, you can bet there is a blog for everything and everyone.

A Blog A Day offers readers a month of random (and totally awesome blogs) that they can check out each day. If a blog is of interest please consider following it.

Here is the list for the month of September 2019:

September 1 – Lessons From the End of a Marriage ~ A “How to Thrive” guide After Divorce

September 2 – THIS IS…THE NEIGHBORHOOD ~ the Story within the Story 

September 3 – TOP 10 of Anything and Everything!!!

September 4 – The Editor’s Journal 

September 5 – HOUSE OF LORDS ~ The Rambling of a Lady

September 6 – C. Lee McKenzie Books ~ Young Adult and Middle Grade Author

September 7 – Leadership Manifesto ~ How to be a vulnerable leader

September 8 – yadadarcyyada ~ Vague meanderings of the broke and obscure 

September 9 – CHASING DESTINO ~ Free Mom Hugs

September 10 – kelzbelzphotography ~ My journey – the good, bad and the ugly

September 11 – The Better Man Project 

September 12 – B. Due ~ Motivated to Love this New Chapter in Life

September 13 – the blind flight

September 14 – Fly With Nate

September 15 – Ms. Joyce Tarot ~ Readings, Thoughts and Inspiration 

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September 16 – WRITING THE RAILS ~ Observations and Haunting from Author Ray Yanek 

September 17 – In Pursuit of an Organized Life ~ putting life in order

September 18 – All About Toni Dolls ~ For fans of vintage Ideal Toni Dolls

September 19 – Diane Riggins ~ Will fight to the end for fantasy and paranormal fiction

September 20 – Berijoy’s Bliss ~ the ups and ups of daily living 

September 21 – Breaking the Cycle 716 ~ Motherhood, Musings & Writing

September 22 – dancing leaves ~ A safe and loving place of peace, joy, kindness and compassion…who we really are deep inside

September 23 – GARDEN OF EDEN BLOG ~ by Susan Scott


September 25 – KALEIDOSCOPIC KITES ~ If your crimson heart has cracks inside, let the primrose sun shine through

September 26 – Just 4 My Books ~ My own curious world about books and writing

September 27 – “Crone-ing” ~ A journey after kids & career into the unknown freedom of the rest of my life

September 28 – Linda Covella ~ Author of Books for Kids and Teens

September 29 – Katy Trail Creations ~ I quilt, crochet and sew as well as care for children in my day job. Never a dull moment!

September 30 – Jemima Pett ~ Writing and reviews with an environmental, science fiction and fantasy touch 

*This blog post contains affiliate links.



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