K Is For Kidney Failure And Dialysis Support Group #AtoZChallenge

k2017Dear Readers,

Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about organ and tissue donation. I am the recipient of a corneal transplant which enhanced my life. I write about it here Windows of the Soul.

When a kidney doesn’t work properly there are two options that a person has, dialysis or kidney transplant.  Right now there are over 80,000 people on the kidney transplant waiting list and the wait is usually more than 5 years.

Please consider becoming an organ and tissue donor.

Today I am speaking to the creator of the Facebook group, Kidney Failure And Dialysis Support Group. 

Please welcome Leah Allen

My name is Leah Allen I am 48 and I have the end of life kidney failure for three years now I am a mother of three sons and I have five grandchildren they are the reason I fight to stay alive

Please tell the readers a little about the group.

The reason I started the group is so that other people going through the same issue can have some extra support from others that know what it’s like to have this disease and not feel alone.

What inspired you to create this group?

I started the group because I felt alone and felt like nobody could really understand what I was truly going through.

What would you like this group to accomplish?

I would like for my members to get the support and information that they need. I want them to all feel like they have friends they can talk to.

Thank you Leah for taking the time to tell us about this important group.

Click on the link to find this Facebook group – Kidney Failure and Dialysis Support Group

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Books About Kidney Disease

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    • Always glad to hear of organ donors! Although it would benefit a great deal of people if organ donation was compulsory, in my opinion it would take away our freedom to do with our body what we would like. I had a guy get in touch with me a few years ago who asked if I would help him to make it a law…but I told him exactly what I just wrote. He was waiting for a kidney and didn’t have much time. It’s really sad that more people don’t donate.

  1. Such an important topic. I don’t know about other countries, but I like that in the U.S. we can make it clear we want to be an organ donor on our driver’s license.

    • Since most organ donations come from vehicle accidents I think it’s a good thing that it can be placed on a person’s license. That way there is quick access to knowing if a person is a donor or not.

    • It can be many years until a person waiting for a kidney can actually get the transplant that they need. It’s got to be a stressful time for those involved and their families.

  2. Such a lovely post! I actually follow that group and it is my go-to when I need to know something or when I am not feeling well. Thank you for doing your bit to raise awareness for kidney disease ❤

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