I Is For ICE – Awareness and Support #AtoZChallenge


Dear Readers,

Awareness is an important element in the fight against drug addiction. Support for those who use, along with their families and loved ones, is imperative to helping end drug abuse.  I wish there were more support groups such as this one.

Today I am talking to the creator of the Facebook group, ICE – Awareness and Support.

Please welcome Tracey

My name is Tracey. I am 55 years old; I have 3 children – 35, 14 & 13 and 3 step children – 33, 29 & 24. I went to primary school with my husband but we have both had previous long term relationships before we married 19 years ago.

I was horse mad as a kid and still am. I like to compete and as I retired from riding (dressage) quite a few years ago, I now breed, show and compete with my miniature horses at National level in led, performance and harness events.

I live with my husband and two daughters in Tamworth NSW and am the Supervisor at a local High School canteen. I am very passionate about everything I do in life, not sure if that is a good thing or not.

Please tell the readers a little about the group.

My group is call ICE – Awareness and Support and was created by me in April 2015. The group was initially started as a support group for families that are affected by the drug ICE. As this drug does not discriminate it affects everyone.

What inspired you to create this group?

I created the group after dealing with my sons’ addiction silently for over 20 years. My son lived with my 84 yo mum. Mum woke one morning to find police and ambulance on her door step after my son had been attacked with a machete over drugs (either money owed or something along those lines). I decided that I could no longer deal with everything alone and that there must be other people suffering through an addicts selfish behaviour.

What would you like this group to accomplish?

I hope to provide some support for families and also for those not affected I would like them to realize that there are a lot of people suffering and living in silence due to a family member’s addiction. I hope to give others a voice.

Thank you Tracey for taking the time to tell us about this much needed support group.

Click on the link to find this Facebook group – ICE – Awareness and Support 

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Books About ICE

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  1. A very painful journey, for all parties. And one that takes great courage to speak out and realise the love that is in that very act Tracey. I know it will have a great impact on all.
    Good luck with this journey, I hope it will create healing for both sides, with the love that gave you strength to stand in your truth and build this path.

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