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Dear Readers,

Proper nutrition is imperative for a growing and developing baby. There are many benefits to feeding our children nutritional meals such as healthy weight, strong bones and muscles and mental well-being. 

Chances are if you start your baby out with healthy food choices he/she will grow up continuing to choose nutritional foods. 

Today I am talking to the creator of the Facebook Group, Happy Healthy Babies.

Please welcome Katt

My name is Katt and I am 21 years old with a 1 year old baby called George. I am due with my second baby in July and they will have a 15 month age gap! I live in Cornwall with my boyfriend and I am currently a stay at home mum. 

Please tell the readers a little about the group.

Happy Healthy Babies is a group all about that, our happy and healthy babies! We know how important it is to encourage our babies to eat healthy food, and also how difficult it can be to get them to do this! The group is there to allow Mummy’s who may be struggling for different food ideas for their babies or who simply want to share how good their baby has eaten that day! It’s a forum for any questions to be asked in relation to food for babies (although we are in no way nutritional professionals, we simply offer our own personal advice and do advise our members to seek professional advice if they are concerned about any aspect of their child’s diet). Every week we run a “new cover photo” competition and encourage our members to post the funniest photo of their child with their food. The winner of the competition (admin all agreeing on the best photo) has their child as the cover photo for the new week. It is a good place to compare what type of foods and also how much food our children are eating at similar ages and has helped a lot of mums with their journey to BLW (baby led weaning).

What inspired you to create this group?

My inspiration to make the group came from our original group – Happy Healthy Mummy’s. I always had posts from mums asking for meal ideas for their baby’s or for tips and advice when it comes to meal times with their little one(s). Having a fussy baby myself I also found days where he was eating the same meals just on different days so I thought this would be a good way for us all to help each other and in turn give our children a better meal variety.

What would you like this group to accomplish?

There isn’t really a main goal for the group, other than helping mums find a good healthy variety of meals to try with their baby’s – for baby’s to enjoy meal times more and a safe place for us to discuss it. Instead of trawling the internet looking for recipes and different things to try it is all in one place! We can give our instant feedback on how we thought the meals worked or didn’t work with our baby’s and what would be better to try the time after or helpful ways of adjusting the recipes to make it easier for ourselves and each other. Ultimately it is a safe haven for mums to discuss one of the most important things in their child(ren)’s life – their diet! We hope to help more mums and babies on their journey through life as our diet is always going to be a main part of our lives, no matter what our age!

Thank you Katt for taking the time to tell us about this important nutritional group for babies. 

Click on the link to find this group – Happy Healthy Babies
Click on the link to find Katt’s other group – Happy Healthy Mummys 

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