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Dear Readers,

I have suffered with digestive issues for years! I finally asked my gastro doctor if I could have a blood test done for Celiac disease. I am now awaiting the results.

If you are not aware, Celiac disease is caused by a gluten intolerance. Many foods contain gluten. For those of you who cope with this condition this Facebook group may be just what you need. 

Today I am talking with one of the admins of Gluten Free Recipe Group.

Please welcome Tim Hillebrant 

My name is Tim Hillebrant, and with my wife, Gwen, I run the Gluten Free recipe group on Facebook.

I’m Idaho born and bred, and besides having a Gluten Free lifestyle, am an avid nature and astro photographer and writer, having been published in Canada and the United States. I’m also a fairly accomplished cook, though my skills are far outshined by my wife who is far, far better at it than I am.

My gluten free lifestyle is self educated due to my daughter’s Celiacs disease. We knew when she was 4 she would have Celiacs due to a positive genetic test, as it runs in my wife’s family. She was diagnosed positive at 6 after a positive blood test. Once that was figured out, the education began and has grown from there.

Now, we live gluten free in support of my daughter and her needs. She is now a happy and healthy teenager, who is very aware of her Celiacs, its issues, and what happens when she is exposed to gluten.

We live our life in Idaho, doing it our way, and hoping to help educate others and show them that being gluten free doesn’t mean the end of the world. It just means we approach eating differently.

Please tell the readers a little about this group.

The Gluten Free Recipe Group is a group that is exactly what it sound like it is- A place for people to share their gluten free recipes. Doesn’t matter what kind, just that it’s a recipe that is, or can be made to be, gluten free.

What inspired you to create this group?

My daughter has Celiacs Disease, it runs in her Mom’s side of the family. She was diagnosed before becoming gluten free was such a fad, and so there wasn’t as much around about how to eat GF as there is today. We had to learn how to create recipes as well as convert existing ones. We soon learned there were a lot of people out there eating this way, and decided to create a group that does nothing more than to share recipes that fall into the GF category. Even a steak and baked potato is gluten free, if not contaminated with things that contain gluten. It’s easier than most people think to serve a GF meal or GF alternatives. Though gluten happens to be in a lot of things people don’t think about.

What would you like this group to accomplish?

To provide a place for gluten free recipes to be shared, and a bit of education on how and why eating that way can be important for some people.

Thank you Tim for taking the time to talk to us about this much needed group.

Click on the link to find this Facebook group – Gluten Free Recipe Group 

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  1. Not being able to eat anything with gluten is a real problem here where wheat flour is used as a filler in so many things. WE were quite surprised to discover that the beer we drank in Norway last year was gluten-free, and it was the most popular brand around. Not easy to find something like that here.

  2. These days, I’ve become a fan of a grain-free lifestyle, not just gluten-free. It’s amazing to me how much the human body responds to food as medicine. 🙂

    My “theme” – A Thirty-Word Story, revealing one word of the story each day of the challenge.
    #AtoZChallenge The Letter G

  3. I’ve been living with celiac for a while now–I was diagnosed about 7 years ago, but felt pretty crummy for a few years before that. I didn’t have the typical symptoms, though, so no one thought about it for a while. Good luck with your journey and thanks for sharing the facebook group, too.

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