F Is For Freedom Flowers/Domestic Violence Freedom Programme Support Group #AtoZChallenge

Dear Readers,

If it wasn’t for a neighbor calling the police I wouldn’t be here right now! Yes, I was that 1 in 4! So I know only too well how important support groups such as this one are. Did you know that domestic abuse is the number one cause of injury to women 15-44?  Or that every 15 seconds a woman is attacked by her husband/partner?  

Today I am talking to the creator and admin of the Facebook Group, Freedom Flowers/Domestic Violence Freedom Programme Support Group.

Please welcome Jenean

My name is Jenean Laverty, I am a mother to 4 wonderful children and a grandmother of 1. I am currently a master’s student and I love to study

Please tell the readers a little about the group.
I am a Domestic Violence (DV) survivor, therefore like most victims you feel overwhelmingly compelled to reach out to women in order to support/ prevent others suffering as I did. I made it my personal endeavor to enable women by providing them with the tools they need to recognize domestic violence and empower them to get out far sooner than I did. Domestic violence was on the rise yet there was a Lack of availability in domestic services and many displaced isolated women looking for support. Social media was becoming popular and many women who experienced DV are isolated. I thought FB would be the perfect platform to reach out as so many of us are using and relying on social media as a form of company.

What inspired you to create this group?
When I started the group freedom flowers/domestic violence support group I wanted to offer women a safe space to disclose their experiences free from judgment. I wanted to help women to understand ‘why me? I wanted to challenge the myths and facts that encompass DV. The success of the group relies on survivors and their strengths in telling their stories, sharing their experiences whether good or bad. The group is run by survivors for survivor. We (admin) believe the women are their own experts having been through the system and they provide first hand experiences. We attempted to sign post women to services by aiding them in their search for freedom. We have created a strong administration team who have experience having suffered at the hands of a perpetrator. They are mothers, they work, they offer their time for free as they know what it feels like to have nothing and feel like a nothing.

What would you like this group to accomplish?
I would love to turn flowers into a not for profits social enterprise. There is a huge lack in services at grass roots level. Places of refuge are closing; funds are being stripped away from women’s support sectors. Jobs are being lost however; policies are being created in support of the cause? Some 250 refuges thereabouts have been cut to around 190. A lack of services is creating a need for online support. This group is a success by just helping one woman, one family the group has accomplished what it set out to do, support women through the dark times on their journey to freedom.

Thank you

Thank you Jenean for this much needed and very important support group!

Click on the link to find this Facebook group – Freedom Flowers/Domestic Violence Freedom Programme Support Group.

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Books About Domestic Violence

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  1. My daughter is a domestic violence survivor. Her emotional scars will last far longer than the physical ones did. Thankfully, her abuser isn’t around to terrify her any longer. Hugs to those who have the courage to walk away. It isn’t easy.

  2. I was a survivor too, of a young man I dated when I was in my late teens.

    Sadly, there are men who are victims of domestic abuse too – I watched a neighbor get beat regularly by his crazy wife. Unfortunately, no one seems to want to acknowledge that it happens to men, too. Especially the men!

  3. This is awesome. My mom is a survivor of DV and worked with a DV shelter most of her professional life. I started volunteering for them at a young age. The more awareness, the better! ❤

    Stopping by from A to Z!

  4. This a great and necessary post. I have written quite extensively about domestic violence for my local weekly newspaper. Many people think that that sort of crime couldn’t happen in suburbia. But it does, more often than people realize. I also wrote about a program, called the Cut It Out program, to train hairdressers to recognize the signs of domestic abuse. Many times, the only person a woman victim will talk to is her hairdresser. And, yes, some victims are men. They have a tough time talking about it with people who can help them and that crime is very much under reported.

    • What a great idea that is to have hairdressers knowledgeable about domestic violence. There is a lot of abuse (most of it unreported) in families where the perpetrator wears a uniform of some kind.

  5. Such an important issue to speak out on – and so glad to read about groups like this out there to support those who need help taking the steps needed to heal.

  6. Thank you Cheryl so much for sharing. Sending you and all involved many blessings. Thanks also for coming to my blog!! It’s lovely to reconnect with you ❤ It's been a little while. Smiles your way — Debbie

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