Musical Monday ~ Songs With The Word “One” In The Title


Welcome to Musical Monday! Music has been known to affect our emotions. Listening to music can make us happy or sad, relaxed or motivated, put us to sleep or make us want to dance. Music absolutely plucks at our heartstrings bringing to the surface a multitude of emotions.

Someone once described music to me as a time machine. When we listen it often transports us back to a place in time. A certain song can bring back feelings of someone we loved, our wedding day, someone who died, or any of the many important times in our lives.

Music has always been a big part of my life. When I am sad listening to a sad song often allows me to release that sadness. Happy songs tend to take away my sadness. It has helped motivate me to do housework. Yep, just crank up the radio or a music television station and I’m good to go. Warning: Be careful not to turn your music up too loud though. I have actually blown out the speakers in a television once doing this.

I have been known to start singing in a store when a song that I like comes on, I tend to sing along with songs while I am driving, and it isn’t unusual to see me moving to the music in my computer chair as I sit and listen to music.

This week I am posting songs with the word one in the title. Please leave your favorite song with one in the title in the comments below. You may see your song posted in upcoming blog posts. Also please take the poll at the end of this post. And if you have enjoyed this blog post don’t forget to sign up to follow my blog so you’ll never miss a Musical Monday post. Follow buttons can be found on the right side of this blog. Thank you!

Graphic source:


No One – Alicia Keys
YouTube Video Source: aliciakeysVEVO


One Toke Over The Line – Brewer And Shipley
YouTube Video Source: The Vault


One Moment In Time – Whitney Houston
YouTube Video Source: WhitneyHoustonHD


One Way Or Another – Blondie
YouTube Video Source: Poedie van Laar


You’re Still The One – Orleans
YouTube Video Source: hba777


A One In A Million You – Larry Graham
YouTube Video Source: ccmytubenz


You’re The One That I Want – Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta
YouTube Video Source: mogalm


Neither One Of Us – Gladys Knight and The Pips
YouTube Video Source: mixedgrill


One Bad Apple – The Osmonds
YouTube Video Source: flowerchild 1260


One- Three Dog Night
YouTube Video Source: Daniel Huerta



  1. Hi Cheryl,
    Music is a time machine to me too. Like when I was just listening to Alicia Keys it reminded me when I moved back in with moms. I always played her songs.
    You can find me singing all the times. And it doesn’t matter what song.
    I love all kinds of music from Neo-soul, Reggae to Alternative rock.
    Although I voted for Keys I’m wondering should I had picked Larry Graham. Why?
    Because it took me back when I was a kid.
    Thanks for the journey back in time.

  2. This is really a cool blog. I am really happy I found it. I need to catch up on your works. I like the Musical Monday idea. It’s a good one. You are a genius.

    • That is the first doing I thought of, too. What a fun idea, though, Cheryl. I didn’t have time to listen to them so I hope I come back. As a musician myself, everything you said I could have written myself. Music really is a time machine. I’ve often thought, music today, in my opinion got worse when my kids were teens and rap became popular and some of it is awful. It has gotten better some and more has a little music in it but in the past 20 years it’s been boring repetition. How do these “songs” become Golden Oldies when this generation wants to smile with the memories it creates? It can’t. I’m what is called a dinosaur in music – the over 60 player. But when you really are a player your music gets better , because of experience. You can find me at I’m the soundtrack of your dreams. Thanks for a great post.

      • When the 90’s hit I didn’t listen to music as much. Most of the genre at that time didn’t impress me. I agree that today there are some good musicians who have some really great songs. But music, to me, isn’t the same as it was back in the day : )

  3. Yasmin Levy – Una Noche Mas (One more night) – She’s one of my favourite artists

    Great blog and like you I love music, it plays a big part in my life and I often use it when I write.

  4. It is wonderful to hear your dedication to music. It always was a big part of my life and Classical Guitar became my voice for many years.
    Songs with One…..I do love One day at a time with Lynda Randell so you can add that to the list .😊 .
    Thanks Cheryl for visiting my blog

  5. Don’t know if this is the actual title. The chorus goes ‘I wanna be the one when all is said and done…lived a good life’ by Kenny Chesney.

    This was a neat idea. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Cheryl, Musical Monday about “one” was great! Thanks for the “Like” for my post on Economic Inequality, the issue of our time along with Climate Change! Phil from

  7. Thanks for sharing, there are plenty of songs with the word ‘one’ in the title that are also great..ranging from Bee Gees, Prince, Michael Jackson, Kelli Clarkson, Jordin sparks to Notorious BIG! Thanks also for taking the time to read my post and the ‘like’. Peace and blessings! 🙂

  8. I checked my itunes for “one” songs and pulled up quite a few good ones, but the three with the most listens were “One Man’s Ceiling Is Another Man’s Floor”, “You Just May Be the One” and “One Note Samba” (Paul Simon, the Monkees, and The Postmarks, respectively).

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