Share Your “Donate Life” Story (April Link Up 2015)


It’s sad to say but it took having a corneal transplant to “open my eyes” to the importance of organ and tissue donation. Before then I rarely thought about it. Now I am very much an advocate for this life saving/quality of life cause.

You could say I had a light-bulb moment when I thought about creating a link up that would allow those affected by organ and tissue donation a chance to come together and share their stories with others.  And what a great way to spread awareness!

Do you have a “Donate Life” Story that you would like to share? Were you a recipient and would like the chance to let others know just how thankful you are for your donor and their family? Are you waiting for a donor and want others to know just how important donation is to you or someone you love? Is there a person you would like to memorialize for being a donor? If you were touched in some way by organ or tissue donation please consider sharing your experience by writing a blog about it and submitting to this link up.

Please help spread the word of this link up by reblogging this blog post and sharing on social media. You can also place this button on your blog/website. Your help will be very much appreciated.


If you have a “Donate Life” story you would like to share but don’t have a blog/website I will post it for you. Just write your story (include a title and picture, if you’d like) and email it to me at Please remember to add your name so that I can credit you for the story.

Donate Life link up will be open from April 1, 2015 ~ April 30, 2015.

Please LIKE the Share Your “Donate Life” Story Facebook Page at

Please click on the blue button to submit your story and link up to other “Donate Life” blogs. You can also click on the blue button to read “Donate Life” stories.



      • I have a friend whose daughter is the recipient of a heart transplant. They were really moved by your post, and my friend is encouraging her daughter to share her story. I hope she will. 🙂

  1. I have a close friend who survived pulmonary fibrosis with a double lung transplant – he gives me so much hope that my niece who has cystic fibrosis would be ok if she needs an evenutal transplant, and he’s my hero, though he’s not the kind of guy you could easily say that to. It breaks my heart to think of what he’s been through since March 2012 but he’s so strong and brave and my inspiration. Needless to say due to my niece and him I’m signing my donor card when I renew my license in August.

    • Would your friend be interested in sharing his story? If he doesn’t blog maybe you could blog it for him….just a thought. I hope he continues to get stronger day by day. I am glad that you decided to become an organ donor. I don’t think people truly understand the importance of organ and tissue donation until they either need a donor or they know someone who does.

  2. Oh my gosh!!! My post today is about my dad’s transplant. I never even knew there was a donor awareness month. I stumbled on your blog from the a to z challenge. I will link my post up if I can figure out how.

    • I’d really like to read your blog post about your dad’s transplant. Just click on the blue button and it will take you to another page. Click on the blue button that says ADD YOUR LINK. Then just add your link information. Let me know if you have any problems.

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