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Welcome to Musical Monday! Music has been known to affect our emotions. Listening to music can make us happy or sad, relaxed or motivated, put us to sleep or make us want to dance. Music absolutely plucks at our heartstrings bringing to the surface a multitude of emotions.

Someone once described music to me as a time machine. When we listen it often transports us back to a place in time. A certain song can bring back feelings of someone we loved, our wedding day, someone who died, or any of the many important times in our lives.

Music has always been a big part of my life. When I am sad listening to a sad song often allows me to release that sadness. Happy songs tend to take away my sadness. It has helped motivate me to do housework. Yep, just crank up the radio or a music television station and I’m good to go. Warning: Be careful not to turn your music up too loud though. I have actually blown out the speakers in a television once doing this.

I have been known to start singing in a store when a song that I like comes on, I tend to sing along with songs while I am driving, and it isn’t unusual to see me moving to the music in my computer chair as I sit and listen to music.

I would like to thank my Facebook friends and family who have helped me by giving me their song suggestions.

This week I am posting songs that make us sad….Please leave a song title that makes you sad in the comments below. You may see your song posted in upcoming blog posts. Also please take the poll at the end of this post. And if you have enjoyed this blog post don’t forget to sign up to follow my blog so you’ll never miss a Musical Monday post. Follow buttons can be found on the right side of this blog. Thank you!

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When I asked those on Facebook to give me a song that made them sad this song was given to me the most. This song carries a strong message and that is the importance of talking and making amends to those we love before it’s too late. In my opinion we sometimes talk and listen in defense. In order to work things out we must put down our emotions, like we would a weapon, and really talk and listen. The words, “It’s too late, when we die” say it all!

Out of all the “Dad” songs there are this is my favorite. A very touching song that was performed on The Donna Reed Show. In my opinion a real tear jerker.

When I asked my youngest son what song made him sad he told me Mad World. I had never heard of this song before and after researching it I found that it was listed on several sad song sites. I have to admit after listing it made me sad too!

This song is one of my favorites! I think that the greatest accomplishment in life is when two people are married ONCE and that marriage lasts a lifetime.

I had never heard this song before but it was recommended to me as a sad song. This song really saddened me as it’s really heartbreaking! I had visited my dad the day before he died. He was supposed to have chemo again the next day and everyone planned on being there. But he passed away only hours after my oldest son and I had left him. I wish we had stayed….When my mom was sick she had six family members around her. She knew we were all there and decided to leave us the only time she did not have anyone standing by her bedside. RIP dad and mom!

I detest abuse of any kind! When I worked as a daycare teacher there was this baby that wasn’t even a year old yet. I will always remember changing her diaper to find a bruise in the shape of a hand print. The parent was turned in to department of children’s services. I will never understand how some people can be so cruel!

This is another song I had never heard. I love the words from this song “love her as in childhood.” Sometimes when we get older we forget just how important our mothers have been to us. This song was a favorite of the mother of a close friend of mine. My friend told me that when she hears this song it reminds her of her mother whom she didn’t have for very long. So this song is dedicated to Mary’s mom.

This song is just too sad! Children hold a special place in my heart and I can’t help but cry every time I watch this video. Will we ever make it a better place?

If this song doesn’t tear at your heart you must not have one!

This isn’t the type of music I would normally listen to. But when I asked people on Facebook for the song that makes them sad my brother mentioned this one. He told me it reminds him of our mom who passed away from CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) in 2011. This song is dedicate to mom from Jay.


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  1. For me “Carry On My Wayward Son,” (Kansas) which reminds me of my late fiance. He loved Kansas, but wouldn’t play them, because they made me cry, and then he cried, and…this was the first song I heard, in the backseat of his sister’s car, holding the reddy bear I’d given him, which still had his smell on it, sitting beside his brother, sobbing…

    “St. Judy’s Comet” (Paul Simon), because it’s the only song I’ve sung to all three of my children. Our middle child died at 12 days old, and lived his entire life in the NICU. His little sister, now 10, never had the chance to meet him, but this song is a bittersweet bridge between them.

    “Tears in Heaven” (Eric Clapton) for the story behind it, the imagery, the unanswerable questions, and the realization that the living don’t belong in heaven…I know the pain that created this grieving parent’s song, and it stabs into mine every time I hear it.

    Like you, I find sad songs to be cathartic.

    • I have to agree with what you wrote about “Tears in Heaven.” You can tell that song was written from a sad place deep down inside. Sorry for your losses. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment.

      • Yes, I feel that song down deep. And, in a sense, I think my losses have given me a richer sense of joy than I might have had… because I don’t take life for granted.

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