The Coca-Cola Commercial “It’s Beautiful” Was Just That!!

Coca Cola Commercial

I do not understand why all the controversy over the new Coca-Cola commercial titled “America Is Beautiful.” It seems many people are outraged with this company because of the multilingual rendition of “America the Beautiful.”

America has often been referred to as a melting pot and it thrives on diversity. A melting pot to me means a melting together of all people of different races and ethnicity into one culture. I tend to see this country more like a patchwork quilt. Each square a different race and ethnicity that is sewn together to become one. And although all these squares have been joined together every separate square still maintains its individual design.

To become an American citizen a person must be able to speak, read, and write in English and with this I agree. But does that mean that a person, once a Unites States Citizen, should no longer be allowed to speak in their native tongue?

To sing “America the Beautiful” in several different languages, in my humble opinion, implies that people of every race and ethnicity are proud to be citizens of this great country. I think this commercial was beautifully done and I see nothing wrong with it!


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