#Bloganuary Writing Prompt ~ What do you like most about your writing? ~ January 8, 2022

There are two things that I like about my writing.

One is that I can use it as a therapeutic tool. It allows me to put my feelings into words and express them outwardly. It’s a way of releasing emotions and a helping hand in dealing with stress. It’s a way to communicate to others my feelings and opinions without interruptions. I would say that my writing helps communication between myself and others, and it often does. But it can also lead to misunderstanding of what was written which can lead to conflict.

The other is that writing/blogging has allowed me to be part of a blogging community. These people have been extremely supportive and very helpful of this blogging journey of mine.



  1. I like how it stretches your imagination and how it can take you to different places or allows you to express how you feel, which can be very liberating. 🙏 Faux

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