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Welcome to Facebook Friday! Each Friday I will be highlighting either a Facebook Page or Facebook Group. If you are interested in participating in an interview about your Facebook Page/Group please email me at pluckingofmyheartstrings@gmail.com.

This week’s interview is with the creator of the Facebook page, Birthday Twin Central which happens to be ME…Cheryl Wright of Plucking Of My Heartstrings.

Please tell the readers a little about yourself.
I’m pretty much an open book. I have found being this way has brought many friends into my life. I think it’s because I am me….love me or hate me….at least I am not fake.

I have been told by social workers that I should have been a social worker.  I had thought about it over the years, but I feel so much for people that I believe I would have found it extremely difficult to separate people from work.

I love angels and butterflies (and collect them).  I think I am drawn to these winged creatures because to me they represent freedom.

You can read more about me here.


What inspired you to create this page?
I had often wondered about others who shared my exact birthday. Many years ago while on AOL I noticed that people had birthdays in their profile. So all I had to do was run a search of my birthday and BINGO…Sadly AOL decided to take the birthday option out of profiles. I don’t know why.

I had so much fun meeting people born on the same day as myself that I decided to help others who were curious about their birthday twin.  And Birthday Twin Central was born.

What would you like this page to accomplish?
The opportunity for those searching for a birthday twin a place to hopefully find one.



Here’s where you can find me
Blog: Birthday Twin Central
Facebook Page:Birthday Twin Central
G+: Birthday Twin Central 
Email: birthdaytwincentral@gmail.com


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