Musical Monday ~ Break Up Songs

Welcome to Musical Monday! Music has been known to affect our emotions. Listening to music can make us happy or sad, relaxed or motivated, put us to sleep or make us want to dance. Music absolutely plucks at our heartstrings bringing to the surface a multitude of emotions.

Someone once described music to me as a time machine. When we listen it often transports us back to a place in time. A certain song can bring back feelings of someone we loved, our wedding day, someone who died, or any of the many important times in our lives.

Music has always been a big part of my life. When I am sad listening to a sad song often allows me to release that sadness. Happy songs tend to take away my sadness. It has helped motivate me to do housework. Yep, just crank up the radio or a music television station and I’m good to go. Warning: Be careful not to turn your music up too loud though. I have actually blown out the speakers in a television once doing this.

I have been known to start singing in a store when a song that I like comes on, I tend to sing along with songs while I am driving, and it isn’t unusual to see me moving to the music in my computer chair as I sit and listen to music.

This week I am posting Break Up Songs. Please leave your favorite break up song in the comments below. You may see your song posted in upcoming blog posts. Also please take the poll at the end of this post. And if you have enjoyed this blog post don’t forget to sign up to follow my blog so you’ll never miss a Musical Monday post. Follow buttons can be found on the right side of this blog. Thank you!

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  1. This morning i heard the Eagles “what will I do with my heart” not sure if that is the correct title but it is a sad breakup song. One is leaving and has found someone else and the other is begging her to stay. i always enjoy your Monday music!

    • Hi Anne. I googled the song because I never heard of it before. Good song! I couldn’t find it on youtube though. I’ll have to keep it in mind for the next break up songs post.

  2. I’m really showing my age here, Cheryl; but, I love ‘Smoke Gets in Your Eyes’ by The Platters.
    Like you, I burst into song just about anywhere: In the supermarket, driving, at home; wherever I am when a song I enjoy starts playing. Or I can just be thinking of a song and will burst into song; anywhere!
    Somebody That I Used to Know, has a really great beat. Of the four I think this one is my fav.

    • I love the Platters! Smoke Gets In Your Eyes was one I had thought to use, but I will definitely use it in the next break up songs post. I sometimes just like the beat of a song and have no clue to what the words are.

      • I totally agree. Sometimes it’s just the beat that gets my feet tapping; years later I actually ‘hear’ the words. This happened only this weekend. Driving in the car I ‘listened’ to a song I love. It really surprised me to ‘hear’ the words! 😀

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