Z Is For Zuchon Babies #AtoZChallenge


Dear Readers,

According to the World Canine Organization there are over three hundred breeds of dogs. The Zuchon is a cute little tail-wager who’s traits include being friendly, intelligent, playful, social and let’s not forget….non-shedding.  

Today I am talking to Bernie, the creator of the Facebook group, Zuchon Babies.

Please tell the readers a little about the group.

The Zuchon (shih tzu/ bischon) babies group is for those people who have or would like a Zuchon (bischon /shih tzu) dog. I discovered this breed purely by mistake when we decided as a family that we wanted a dog. 

What inspired you to create this group?

I set the group up when I got my girl Cookie. I wanted a place where I could share about my Zuchon and allow others to do the same.  

My husband is very allergic to most animals and we were told this breed of dog is hypoallergenic. I wanted to have a place where I could share information such as this. 

What would you like this group to accomplish?

I want the group to be able to share photos, stories and to support in sad times.  Zuchon are a new hybrid breed that are hypoallergenic (apparently ). They don’t cast and are very lovable. I want people to be proud and share their experiences and pictures. 

Thank you Bernie for taking the time to tell us about this group.

Click on the link to find this group – Zuchon Babies

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Books about Zuchon’s

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