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Dear Readers,

From what I have been told spinal cord injuries seem to happen most often due to car crashes, falls or violence. Injuries to the spinal cord can also happen from disease or degeneration. 

Today I am talking with the creator of the Facebook group, Spinal Cord Injury Recovery – Ignite Your Inner Health Warrior.

Please welcome Kay

Hi. I am an entrepreneur and business owner, a coach and change maker, a teacher, a former nurse (although once a nurse always a nurse!) and a podcast host! Over the course of my career (I’m 55 years young) I have had the privilege of working in two large regional hospitals in the Midwest where I encountered many an injured person in the ICU, a Fortune 100 global medical device company in areas associated with injury, a global neuroscience based coaching and consulting firm, as well as my own entrepreneurial ventures either on my own or with my husband who is a neurophysiologist.

All of these experiences shape who I am today as a champion for possibility! I am an advocate, expert and influencer for what’s possible in the realm of recovery and life after spinal cord injury as well as other severely traumatic injuries.
When I am not focused on my purpose work I love to date my husband, spend time at the water’s edge, walk with my two four-legged kids, prepare for ½ marathons and travel.

Tell the readers a little about the group

First, let’s talk about the wonderful people in the community. Our community is full of seekers, in discovery for answers to all the challenges that have come with their spinal cord injury whether they are physical, emotional or mental, spiritual, financial, relationship, vocation etc. We also have many spouses, partners, kids, siblings and friends of those who are dealing with paralysis and the injury – we call them the “warrior circle!” We call the community a “training ground” to get the best tools, resources, education, mentors and peer support to uncover and ignite their inner health warrior after spinal cord injury so they achieve their highest potential. Some people are in active neuro-recovery rehabilitation or want to be and are seeking it. Others are further out from their injury and are dealing with the secondary health conditions that can go with the injury. They want to minimize or rid themselves of the issues as much as possible. So much is possible! Our integrative health team posts educationally and motivationally in the group AND all of our members post questions to hear from their peers experience as well as us. As well they share WINS when they achieve new milestones like standing for the first time, or becoming pain free or driving, etc. Every win no matter how big is important to share. When a member posts everyone jumps in to answer and respond. It’s awesome. So supportive!

What inspired you to create the group?

I knew of groups in social media for people with spinal cord injury and paralysis and I am in some of them. They are awesome – very engaging. Every topic imaginable is discussed, not just health. And I mean everything! What I experienced in these other groups was that a lot of “do it yourself” healthcare was happening. People were sharing “what they did” for a health issue and while that is nice to know it isn’t always the right solution for you. And, of course the underlying cause wasn’t getting looked at – just what med, procedure, product etc. did someone else use. People shared with me that outside of a specialty spinal cord injury center often times their doctors at home didn’t know much about paralysis and the unique needs of people with spinal cord injury so they had to ask their peers! I had someone today tell me he had to educate his GP, urologist and physiatrist! I knew we could do better….that having a group of spinal cord injury expert healthcare professionals educating, mentoring, offering support, etc. in a community would be better. So we started our group and its growing and growing!

What would I like this group to accomplish?

My goal is to empower people with the questions to ask their doctors, the information they need to make better decisions so they become healthier, the mindset to declare and go after “oh so possible” stretch goals in their life, the commitment to be in action – creating optimal health after injury and the life they really want to live – fulfilling their purpose and thriving!

Thank you Kay for taking the time to tell us about this very important and supportive group.

Click on the link to find this Facebook group – Spinal Cord Injury Recovery-Ignite Your Inner Health Warrior. 

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Books About Spinal Injury Recovery

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    • I have some damage to my spine from herniated disc. Some people have extensive damage and it can be a tough road. I am glad that I found this group and was able to share it.

  1. Oh – I like the idea of this group so much – empower people with the questions to ask their doctors and calling it a training ground. Figuring out what you need to know and how to express it with any medical issue can be such a challenge.

  2. Have you read the book Me Before You? It’s about a young successful business man who is run over and paralyzed. He tries to end his life. After several unsuccessful attempts, he makes a deal with his parents. It’s very touching. Here’s my review if you want a book you can’t put down, I recommend this one! http://marshajustwrites.com/love-story/

  3. Reblogged this on Marsha Ingrao and commented:
    I like the way Cheryl has used the A-Z Challenge to highlight an important cause with an interview and several books. This one really does pluck at my heartstrings! Please enjoy and spend some time browsing on her blog.

  4. Blessings & hugs & prayers going out to those who have suffered from spinal cord injuries. May they find help to live the life that will make them feel fulfilled. Wonderful job you are doing to help them! Bless you, Cheryl. 🤗

  5. A wonderful group for those suffering from spinal cord injuries. Many prayers and hugs to them as they travel the long and tedious road back to health.

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