Musical Monday Special Edition ~ Remembering Eva Cassidy



February 2, 1963 – November 2, 1996

YouTube Video Source: Eva Cassidy

It was my mother who told me of Eva Cassidy and of her phenomenal voice. This extremely talented singer was pretty much unknown until her death in 1996 at the age of 33 from advanced melanoma.

Her posthumous success began with the release of the album Songbird.  It became a number one million selling success in England.

The book Eva Cassidy: Songbird: By Those Who Knew Her  tells about her extraordinary life.

Music By Eva Cassidy

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  1. Sorry, Cheryl, I have to say this:

    Melanoma is not something to mess with. My stepfather died from it, and it was a miserable death. If it’s caught early, it’s fairly easy to deal with, but there’s no cure as yet for it. Please, wear sunscreen, a hat that covers your ears when you go out, and if you see a mole that looks irregular or starts changing in color or shape, run, don’t walk, to the doctor and have it checked.

    • Sorry to hear about your stepdad. I was having some flaking on the top of my nose so I went to the skin doctor. She told me I had pre-cancer and froze it off. I was telling my sister about what happened and she said, “I have flaking on my nose.” She went to the skin doctor and she was also diagnosed with pre-cancer. I usually go once a year for a skin check, but didn’t this year. I really shouldn’t put it off!

  2. Eva Cassidy had a good voice, Cheryl 🙂
    Melanoma is dangerous and there are many here in Spain, who get this too, specially not Spanish people, because they protect themselves better than most others. I lost a friend here last Summer because of same.
    Wish you a happy day.

  3. I’m a big fan of hers, thanks for giving her recognition. I hope this post makes more people aware of her great gift.

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