The Love – Hate Challenge


Joey from Joeyfully has nominated me to take part in the Love – Hate Challenge. You should check out her blog, it’s great!

Accepting this challenge means that I am to write a list of 10 things I love, 10 things I hate, and then choose 10 nominees who will hopefully accept this challenge (if not, I do understand). For me, I can easily list 10 things that I love, but since I don’t believe in hating, that will be a real challenge for me.

10 things that I love…

1. My family and friends
2. Being a grandmother
3. That morning cup of coffee
4. Carnations (especially green ones)
5. Butterflies
6. The beach
7. The smell of lilacs (brings back memories of the house I grew up in)
8. Cleaning (call me crazy but I love making things look neat and clean).
9. Lifetime Movie Network : )
10. Hot baths

10 things that I hate…

1. Drunk drivers!!!
2. Thunder and Lightning
3. Spiders
4. Plugging in anything electrical.
5. Long lines for the ladies room.
6. That my second toe on each foot is much too long.
7. When anyone tries to touch my belly button.
8. That I don’t have the same body that I had when I was in my 20’s.
9. That my mom and dad are no longer alive..RIP
10. That I live so far away from some of my children and grandchildren (maybe not for long though).

My 10 nominees…




  1. Great lists. You must tell us more about your (possible) move. Lilac was a favorite of my mother’s. Yes, I understand your attitude towards cleaning. I think I’d have listed spiders eight times, once for each leg. Thank you for also having toe issues. 🙂

    • Speaking of spiders…last night I am in bed watching tv and I notice my cat move from the end of the bed where she was sleeping, up to where the pillows were on the other side of my bed. She sat there just staring. I am watching her watch the pillows for a few minutes. Then I decide to move the pillow and that’s when I saw it!! A nasty black hairy spider. Of course I screamed as I threw the pillow that the spider was on onto the floor and killed it. I shiver every time I think of that spider on my bed!! Of course I gave my cat a treat for her part in finding the spider.

  2. Oh how I love the beach and long hot baths… both are so peaceful and soothing. i agree with your long lines at washrooms… wouldn’t have thought of it but isn’t it annoying when the men just walk in? Have a good day, Cheryl

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