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V Is For Vegan Influence & Persuasion #AtoZChallenge

Dear Readers, In case you may not know, a vegan diet consists of only plant based foods. Foods such as meat or dairy products are never consumed. From what I have read over the years, people choose this lifestyle for a few reasons such as animal welfare, environmental issues and/or health. Today I am talking […]
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E Is For Environmental Health Awareness Group #AtoZChallenge

Dear Readers, A few years ago when I was going to an online college I took an Environmental Science class. This class certainly opened up my eyes to how our environment can affect human health.   From what I have been told 25% of all deaths are due to environmental issues.  Today I am talking […]
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X Is For Xela.Aid #AtoZChallenge

Xela. Aid http://www.xelaaid.org/ Founded in 1992 by Leslie Baer, Xela.Aid is a non-profit organization in Guatemala that is working to break the cycle of poverty found there. This non-profit believes that education is the key to improving the situation and provides educational programs such a work-study program, tutoring, educational scholarships and Adult Education. But Xela.Aid […]
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