I’ll Be Participating In The Blogging From AtoZ April Challenge ~ 2023

Didn’t I just send out my 2022 Z post for this challenge?

Hope all participants are doing well and ready to take on this challenge again. Welcome, if this is your first time participating.

I am going to stay with non-profits as my theme again this year. I really like highlighting these important organizations.

Ready or not (which by the way I’m not) here we go again…..



  1. I’m giving this challenge a miss this time as I have reached a dry spot . Can’t think of what to write and find it very stressful following others , leaving comments etc .

    • I understand and agree with you on it being stressful. I feel bad when I can’t keep up with everyone. I don’t understand how some bloggers seem to be able to do it. But, I do the best I can. Maybe next year you’ll decided to participate.

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