#Bloganuary ~ What Color Describes Your Personality And Why ~ January 19, 2023

I absolutely love this blog prompt! There is so much more to color than the visual perception of it. Years ago I wrote some blog posts on colors and their meanings. Did you know that the color blue has been found to be a suppressant? Some weight loss programs suggest that their members eat from blue plates as a way of eating less food. The color yellow is often seen as cheerful, yet it has been found that more babies cry in yellow rooms.

As for what color would describe my personality, it would be the same color that has always been my favorite. And that color is green.

Green is associated with nature. My favorite place to be is in my garden.

Green is a down to earth color and I have always been a down to earth person.

Green is the peacemaker of the spectrum. I have been known to be a peacemaker.

Green is the color of unconditional love. I am very much an unconditional person.

Green is absolutely the best color to use to describes my personality.



  1. I’m not someone to be pinned down to just 1 color! I choose the peacock palette to represent me!

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