Musical Monday Special Edition ~ Remembering Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller
March 1, 1904 – December 15, 1944

Alton Glen Miller was an American composer, arranger and band leader. He also played trombone. His style of music was big band during the Swing Era.

Miller didn’t start off on a musical career. While enrolled in the University of Colorado he decided to leave his academic career and pursue work as a musician.

His first band, in 1937, did not do well, so Miller disbanded this orchestra early the following year. The sound of the second band brought him continuing fame.

In 1939, Miller found himself not only a best selling recording artist but was offered his own radio show.

In four years Miller had 16 number one records and 69 top 10 hits. His first million selling recording was Moon Light Serenade in 1939, which he composed himself.

While at the top of the music charts, Miller decided to enlist in the Untied States Military. From October 24, 1942 till December 1944 he lead an all star Army Air Force Band.

On December 15, 1944, while flying over the English Channel through some bad weather, the aircraft disappeared. Not a trace of this plane was ever found.

In 1954 a movie about Glenn Miller was released. The Glenn Miller Story stared James Stewart and June Allison.

Miller was awarded The Bronze Star Medal posthumously in 1945.

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