A Blog A Day ~ A Month Of Random (And Totally Awesome) Blogs To Check Out For December 2021

I know a blog a day won’t keep the doctor away, like an apple might. However, blogs help us in a multitude of other ways. A blog can teach us how to do an algebra problem, find information on a medical condition, learn about a new culture, or find a great recipe. With over 150 million blogs and a new one being created every half second, you can bet there is a blog for everything and everyone.

Here is the list for December 2021:

December 1 – quicksnapps ~ pictures from my everyday life and more

December 2 – Esdi Blogs ~ Everyday discovering something brand new

December 3 – Healthy Lifestyle

December 4 – capitu is hung over ~ “Everything we know is stardust. So don’t forget. You are stardust.”

December 5 – Rab’s Bookish Planet ~ My Thoughts Are Here

December 6 – Hill Study Center ~ “One of the most adventurous things left us is to go to bed. For no one can lay a hand on our dreams.” E. V. Lucas

December 7 – The Real Life of a Small Town Girl

December 8 – Outdoor Adventures Fitness ~ Welcome to a blog about our outdoor experiences.

December 9 – From The Quill ~ Aren’t songs of grief lullabies to the lost?

December 10 – My Food Trolley ~ “My Food Trolley” is all about making your food exquisite, delicious and easy to cook.

December 11 – Happiship ~ Without happiship (happiness & relationship)no one can cross the life ocean

December 12 – roxy743 ~ Learning Experience

December 13 – The Wholly Integrated Self ~ Spirt, Mind, Body & Soul

December 14 – Take A Shot – Facing Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety and Suicide ~ A mix of manic episodes, depressive tears and suicidal triumphs to fill your mind and inspire your spirit.

December 15 – Perspective on Trauma ~ Building Perspective on Trauma, Loss, Attachment, Familia Pain and Moving Forward: LaDonna Remy, MSW, LICSW

December 16 – In The World Of Thought ~ Random

December 17 – Sweet Aroma ~ Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God…2 Corinthians 2:15

December 18 – Sascha Darlington’s Microcosm Explored ~ BOOK BLOGGER, POETRY AND FICTION WRITER. OH, AND I TALK ABOUT DOGS…A LOT

December 19 – Coach4aday ~ Start and head to the finish line

December 20 – Weekend Stories by Trishikh

December 21 – Stories by Shivangi ~ An experimental teller of relatable tales!

December 22 – Bird View ~ Life as it comes

December 23 – The Natural Mom Blog

December 24 – Travel With Jess

December 25 – Literary Truce ~ Between two languages: books and other things

December 26 – River Writes ~ Here you get writing tips, facts, and updates by the Author in process, River Angel Bee

December 27 – September heart-to-hearts ~ Writings on my Life and Muses

December 28 – Ruelha ~ As long as there’s breath, there will always be HOPE because nothing is pre-written and nothing cannot be re-written!

December 29 – Happy Life ~ A happy place to cheerup your soul and embrace your life.

December 30 – The Yard: Crime Blog ~ Find Crime Fiction, and True Crime, from the best writers. Submit your own.

December 31 – Mimi Cares



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