Plucked From The News ~ Artificial Cornea Developed By Israeli Firm CorNeat Restores Sight To Blind Man

Being a corneal transplant recipient, reading about an artificial cornea really interested me. You can read my corneal transplant story here, My Windows Of The Soul.

For those who may not know, the cornea is a protective layer that covers the pupil and iris of our eyes. It’s what helps your eye focus light in order to see clearly. If it is damaged, it causes sight to be diminished, sometimes leading to blindness.

Corneal transplants are very common and have been done using a donor cornea. I will always be grateful to my corneal donor and his family.

On January 11, 2021, the first successful artificial corneal transplant, developed by an Israeli firm, CorNeat, was performed on a 78 year old blind man. A deformed cornea led to this man losing his eyesight for 10 years.

The KNet implant works by merging with natural human tissue and replaces a scared or damaged cornea. The surgery has been said to be relatively simple and can be preformed in under an hour.

The artificial corneal transplant was performed in Israel, at the Beilinson Hospital (Rabin Medical Center). The director of the Ophthalmology Department, Prof. Irit Bahar, performed the procedure.



  1. This may sound amazing but a few years ago I met a horse who had a corneal transplant. The horse was Arab and the transplant came from a Thoroughbred. The owner used to say he was 99% Arab and 1% TB.

  2. This is amazing. This will mean that many people will be blessed with sight again without a donor. What an amazing and beautiful blessing. Thank you for sharing. Love ❤️ Joni

    • Being a corneal donor, I thought this was a great thing. In the United States there isn’t much of a waiting list for corneas, but in other countries people wait years!

      • I did not know this. I cannot imagine being blind I am so grateful for my sight. What an amazing blessing this is. Thank you so much for telling us about this. Hope you have a blessed week. ❤️

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