Facebook Friday ~ Facebook Group ~ God’s Light

facebook-440788__340Welcome to Facebook Friday! Each Friday I will be highlighting either a Facebook Page or Facebook Group. If you are interested in participating in an interview about your Facebook Page/Group please email me at pluckingofmyheartstrings@gmail.com.

This week I am interviewing a relatively new group, God’s Light which was created by my sister, Diane.

Please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Hi There.. I am a mother of 3 and a Grammie of 4 beautiful grandchildren. I love photography, writing poetry, fishing, camping, boating and anything related to health and wellness.

What inspired you to create this group?

My love for God and sharing his message. (God inspired me) I see what is going on in the world and know that bible prophecy is coming true and that Gods words are important right now.

Please tell the readers a a little about this group.

The group is designed to deliver spiritual/inspirational messages, to give people hope and let them know that God is always there.

What would you like this group to accomplish?

To reach as many people as I can to share Gods words and promises.

Thank you, Diane, for taking the time to tell us about your Facebook Group.  

Click here to check out/join God’s Light 





  1. I think that this is an amazing idea. There are a lot of helpful and inspiring groups on facebook. Things like this humanize them because it is often easy to forget that the people who run said groups are just like everyone else. While I am not religious…somewhat….I do believe that this groups message is a good one.

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