A Blog A Day ~ A Month Of Random (And Totally Awesome) Blogs To Check Out For November 2019


I know a blog a day won’t keep the doctor away, like an apple might. However, blogs help us in a multitude of other ways. A blog can teach us how to do an algebra problem, find information on a medical condition, learn about a new culture, or find a great recipe. With over 150 million blogs and a new one being created every half second, you can bet there is a blog for everything and everyone.

A Blog A Day offers readers a month of random (and totally awesome blogs) that they can check out each day. If a blog is of interest please consider following it.

Here is the list for the month of November 2019:

November 1 – Raising the Curtain ~ A look at the crossroads in preparation of the second act…because life does not come with signage

November 2 – voiceURmind ~ Let it flow….!!!

November 3 – Janice Hall Heck ~ Finding hope in a chaotic world…

November 4 – melinda hagenson ~ needles hopscotching through haystacks of truth

November 5 – espresso coco ~ Books Books Stuff

November 6 – JC Gatlin ~ Every Murder Has A Story

November 7 – Source Of Inspiration ~ All is one, co-creating with the creator

November 8 – Eye-Dancers ~ A site devoted to the young adult sci-fi/fantasy novel The Eye-Dancers

November 9 – Arl’s World ~ Experiments in life…one day at a time

November 10 – The Best and Latest Aircraft 2018 ~ Pictures and latest news about Aircraft 2018

November 11 – Art and Culture 

November 12 – Maono Ya Chini 

November 13 – Jane Risdon ~ Author

November 14 – ShaunysWorld ~ Telling it as it is since 2013

November 15 – SHANNON A THOMPSON ~ You need the world, and the world needs good people

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November 16 – Irene Design 2011 ~ Creative Jewelling and LIfe

November 17 – SIMPLYILKA ~ Realize the power your behavior has on your life

November 18 – Wording Well: Freelance Writing, Editing and Author Consulting 

November 19 – Petite Magique ~ Poetry & Photography from the heart

November 20 – Writers After Dark ~ Life through the eyes of story tellers

November 21 – alygeorges ~ memoirs of aly (the way I see it) 

November 22 –  Joeyfully Stated ~ Narratives of a Neurotic & Other Nonsense 

November 23 – PROLIXME

November 24 – Reflections From the Heart ~ From my heart to yours

November 25 – James’ World 2 ~ Assorted human interest posts

November 26 – Charlotte Hoather

November 27 – Hasty Words ~ Life is Hard

November 28 – Kitt O’Malley ~ Bipolar Writer & Mental Health Advocate

November 29 – Normal in Training ~ Cultivating compassion one post at a time

November 30 – Bean & Bantam 

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  1. Another fab round-up and lots I’ve never come across before – I’m just checking a few out now as it’s great to discover some new bloggers, thanks! Hope you have a lovely week ahead 😊 xx

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