A Blog A Day ~ A Month Of Random (And Totally Awesome) Blogs To Check Out For March 2018

blog-327072_1280 I know a blog a day won’t keep the doctor away, like an apple might. However, blogs help us in a multitude of other ways. A blog can teach us how to do an algebra problem, find information on a medical condition, learn about a new culture, or find a great recipe. With over 150 million blogs and a new one being created every half second, you can bet there is a blog for everything and everyone.

A Blog A Day offers readers a month of random (and totally awesome blogs) that they can check out each day. If a blog is of interest please consider following it.

Here is the list for the month of March 2018:

March 1 – JUST-IN-GENERAL ~ Be inspired. Be you. 

March 2 – MUSE RIDER ~ Promotion & Reviews

March 3 – Kdramas/movies/stars_CRAZE ~ The site title is straight to the point. 

March 4 – A NEW LOVE ~ New Love, New Life, New Beginnings 

March 5 – Gigi Sedimayer ~ Author Of The Talon Series – Award Winning Author

March 6 – The Enagmatic Girl – A Mysterious Girl Trapped In The Lies Of The World

March 7 – iArtichokeu’s Book Reviews ~ Book Reviews: Scifi and Fantasy!

March 8 – Wonton Woman ~ Disregard the rules of food

March 9 – Avdhesh Dadhich ~ Waiting for the rainbow in the hot desert

March 10 – Joezett’s Journey: My Everyday Walk With Lupus ~ Strengthen Physically. Heal Mentally. Grow Spiritually. 

March 11 – KURIAN ~ Being Walter Mitty. A Daydreamers Imprint.

March 12 – dwijeshsharma

March 13 – Student Studio ~ We Capturing Moments From Today. Creating Memories For A Lifetime.

March 14 – REEMA’S GARDEN ~ Gardening Simplified!!

March 15 – The Comic Vault ~ Unlock your inner geek and step inside!

March 16 – Lifetrap ~ End the cycle of negativity

March 17 – Apricity All The Way ~ Living through art. Art-ing through life.

March 18 – AMAZING TANGLED GRACE ~ A blog about my spiritual journey in the Lord Jesus Christ

March 19 – WALK WITH GOD

March 20 – Mad For Fashion For Less! ~ “Welcome to my personal fashion diary.”

March 21 – Varieties of Life ~ Just sharing the journey so far

March 22 – Cheynoea’s Thoughts ~ To Live With Integrity, Is To Live Without Regrets!

March 23 – INNER REVELATIONS ~ My venting out machine! This is a place where I am going to write what my heart feels but my brain edits. 

March 24 – FERRE ME ~ thoughts on things

March 25 – My Word Your Word ~ “Everything works out for those who commit themselves to what they love and they reap the fruits of their labour” By Yadillah Katuli

March 26 – Twist Of A Voice ~ ♥belle’ame♥(beautiful soul)

March 27 – TALETELLER ~ A Collection Of Short Stories

March 28 – A Better Man ~ Make A Start

March 29 – Bookricci ~ Care For The World!

March 30 – ESTONIAN CUISINE.EESTI TOIT ~ Estonian Food and Cuisine. Easy and delicious.

March 31 – Fictionspawn Monsters ! ~ Illustrated Short Stories

Blogging books that you might be interested in

*This blog post contains affiliate links.



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