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The interview today is with Linda who has been a Princess House Consultant for 34 years. 

Please tell the readers a little about yourself.

I started in direct sales when I was 24 with one child. ​

​I wanted to be a stay at home mom, but I needed to earn an income. My husband was full time military and his salary just wasn’t enough. I loved the flexibility that running my own business afforded me and I made great money too! Along the way, I was a Boy Scout leader for 13 years, and a Girl Scout leader for another 13 years,  I volunteer with the American Cancer Society, and when my kids were young, I volunteered weekly at their schools. I have 4 children and now 1 grandchild. I have earned 28 all expenses paid trips with Princess House and it’s my husband’s favorite part of the business!

Please describe your business 

Princess House has products that help our customers live a happier, healthier life.. beautifully. We offer products to help a busy family cook in style, without the need for added fats and oils, which naturally leads to better health. Our company started in 1963 offering crystal and china products. As our clientele changed, so did our business. I’m proud that Princess House changed with the times and is relevant even now… 55 years later!

What made you choose this type of business?

​I was already selling a different product… when I fell in love with Princess House. The products really spoke to me, and when I saw the huge difference in what their hostesses received for hosting a party… I switched!I loved that I was able to stay at home with my children and still have a career that fulfilled and excited me.​

What would you tell someone interested in possibly joining this business?

​It is wonderful on so many levels. As a young mom, I loved being home with my kids, but I needed more social interaction. Parties were perfect for that! I enjoyed my nights out thoroughly, and got paid well for it! As my children grew, and got more involved with school, sports, events, etc, I was able to adjust my schedule accordingly to fit it all in. Those events are expensive, so having that extra income surely came in handy! I had no idea how expensive college was, so again, I was able to work more to include that into my budget. Now I have a grandson, and I am able to babysit him for 2 full days while still working! The flexibility of having your own business is one of my most favorite aspects of the job!

You gain such self confidence, and learn so many skills… goal setting, self motivation, time management, and your children gain so much from watching you​!

The business is not for everyone, but you’ll never know until you try! So, just step out in faith and do it!

Linda’s Social Network Information
Princess House Facebook Page
Princess House Instagram 

Thank you Linda for the interview. 

If you have any questions about Princess House or would like to book a party you can get in touch with Linda through her social network sites. Please consider visiting her Facebook or Instagram and giving her a LIKE! 





  1. Good interview! I was familiar with the early days of Princess House crystal, but I was not aware of how the company’s products changed over the years. Very interesting.

    • I was a bit surprised at the change in products, but I believe it was for the best. I was a Princess House Consultant in the 80’s. After this interview I have decided to become one again : )

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