Taking A Semi-Hiatus

Dear Readers,

Just wanted to let you all know that I will be cutting back on blog posts for a while, probably till the end of the summer.  I need to focus on a few things that pertain to my health and personal life.

Since A Blog A Day has been written and scheduled for the rest of the year, that will continue to be posted.  I will still post updates on the Overseas Military Coupon Program. I also have quite a few blogger awards that I have yet to do and hopefully will get to those soon.

Since I don’t like re-blogging my posts, what I will do, especially for Musical Monday, is to pin older posts to the top of my blog.  Please continue to stop by when you can and hopefully you will find a blog post that you have yet to read.

I will still be around….answering comments and email. And I will make sure to take time every day to continue to visit as many blogs as I can!

Have a GREAT summer!





  1. Good for you, sometimes you just have to step back and readjust. Hope you have a great summer full of peace and healing and memorable moments.

  2. I’m glad you are taking care of your health. I do enjoy your Musical Monday. So I’ll look forward to plucking whatever strings I can find. Take care!

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