O Is For One Eyed Kitty Cats! AtoZChallenge

o2017Dear Readers,

A few years ago I came across a website that was streaming live video of blind and one eyed cats. It totally amazed me how these felines were able to function almost as well as a cat with full vision. I watched as they chased each other, played with toys and I laughed at their high spirited behavior.  They didn’t seem to mind or maybe they didn’t even realize that they were visually impaired. 

Today I am happy to introduce you to the creator of the Facebook group, One Eyed Kitty Cats!

Please welcome Amy….

My name is Amy. I was born and raised in Kansas. I found my very first kitty when I was two years old and fell in love. I have not been without a kitty since. My two kitties now are named Lucy and Grady. Lucy has only one eye. It was removed due to an infection before I adopted her when she was a kitten. Grady is blind and was found on the street of Los Angeles, California. How he survived is beyond me. Someone posted his picture in the One-eyed Kitty Cats group and I decided to fly out and get him myself. He is an amazing boy who functions as normally as a sighted kitty.

Please tell the readers a little about the group
One-eyed Kitty Cats is a group to celebrate the world of one-eyed kitties. Many members share photos, videos and funny stories about their one-eyed kitties. My favorite stories are about the adoptions of these special cats.

What inspired you to create this group?
I started the group to honor my one-eyed kitty, Lucy. Little did I know there were so many other one-eyed cats out there. We have members from all around the world. Some even have multiple one-eyed felines. How wonderful!

What would you like this group to accomplish?
I hope the group spreads awareness about differently-abled pets. Many of these animals are overlooked in shelters simply because they look different. All animals deserve to have a happy and healthy life in a loving home.

Thank you Amy for creating this very special group!

Click on the link to find this group – One Eyed Kitty Cats!

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