Who’s Participating In The Blogging From A-to-Z 2017 Challenge?

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

With no list this year I am worried I may overlook someone that I usually follow during the A-to-Z Challenge. So thought I’d just throw this post out there and anyone who is participating can add their blog to the comment section.

Also, does anyone know what the code is to put my URL in a comment so it only shows up as Plucking Of My Heartstrings?  I used to know  how to do it but I am drawing a blank!

Good luck to those participating!




  1. I am going to write my posts and do a search for the challenge each day because it will show up. They don’t want to do the list because many times people sign up but don’t participate. You should be able to find people by searching for the challenge.

  2. I am wondering if this works: Zombie Flamingos. Use the “Title” I hope this works in the comments, otherwise all you will see are links to things and no idea how I did this! Or if it doesn’t work, then I know I’m wrong 🙂 Oh, and Zombie Flamingos is participating this year!!

  3. Hi! If you follow the Blogging A to Z facebook page, those who are joining will post their links there too! I’m doing the challenge this year and just did a theme reveal. I haven’t quite gotten around to read other folks’ theme reveal posts.

  4. Hi, Cheryl. I was wavering and did not post on Theme Reveal day, but have decided to do the Challenge. I think the new system will work well as the long list had a lot of issues and was very frustrating. I am going to use hashtags on Twitter and Facebook, as well as a link on the Challenge blog to publicize. Looking forward to reading some favorites and meeting new bloggers. Cheers, Denise

    • Glad to hear you decided to participate. I’ll learn to live without the list…just that I am a creature of habit and really hate when something changes : ) Take care!

  5. I am doing a family history A to Z this year. I’m trying to make it interesting by examining family stories handed down by parents and grandparents and seeing if a bit of research can verify or disprove them. It will probably be mainly of interest to my own family but I hope you will follow along as well. At this stage I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it all works.

  6. Glad to hear you’re participating as well. I’ll miss the list as well. I’m still working ahead on my posts so that I can have more time to relax and look at other people’s blogs.

  7. I’m participating for the first time. I’m finding the second week’s letters to be more difficult than last week’s. It has been a challenge, since I normally just blog on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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