The Inexcusable Absent Parent

~Plucking Of My Heartstrings~

abandoned child, abandonment, parent abandonment, child abandoned by parent The Inexcusable Absent Parent

In my opinion a non-custodial parent who has decided to no longer take an interest in their child’s life and abandon them emotionally and physically is far worse than a non-custodial parent who does not pay child support.  Granted, child support is important in maintaining the child’s financial needs.  But the lack of emotional and physical support of a parent can leave a devastating impact on the life of their child.

And not only do these absent non-custodial parents write off their children they often blame the custodial parent for their actions.  I suppose having a scape goat may help soothe a guilty conscience.  Blaming the custodial parent can also help with being seen as the “victim.”

I think that many absent non-custodial parents do not visit their child because they HATE the custodial parent. They HATE that person so much that they can’t even look…

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