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Leftover Starbucks Food To Be Donated To The Needy

PLUCKED FROM THE NEWS….Many years ago I worked night shift at a McDonald’s in East Boston, Massachusetts. At that time it was against the law to distribute any leftover food so we had to throw it all away. I always thought this was such a shame, especially when right across from this restaurant was a […]
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V Is For ~ VOA.org (Volunteers Of America)

http://www.voa.org/ https://www.facebook.com/voamassachusetts/timeline https://twitter.com/Vol_of_America BBB Accredited The mission of voa.org is to answers God’s call through ministry service to help those in need and to demonstrate that all people are children of God. Volunteers of America offers: Children, Youth and Families Services – Provides services to children and youth geared toward social, emotional, and academic development. […]
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