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Overseas Military Coupon Program ~ March 2018 Update

For every package of expired coupons that I send overseas I have to make out a customs form. Yesterday the guy behind the counter at the post office happened to glance at the amount. He was really surprised at the dollar amount that these coupons can add up to. The package of coupons that I […]
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Overseas Military Coupon Program ~ February 2018

Expired coupons in the amount of $4,635.00 have been mailed to our adopted United States military base in Yokusuka, Japan on February 12, 2018. There were 3,042 coupons. Again, THANK YOU, to those who have donated coupons! This is great way to show appreciation to our military members and their families. You can learn more […]
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Overseas Military Coupon Program ~ January 2018 Update

In July of 2015, Plucking Of My Heartstrings adopted an overseas military base to send expired coupons to. Since then $69,882.95  in coupons has been sent to a Navy base in Yokusuka, Japan. The first package of expired coupons for the year (2018) was sent on January 8th. It totaled $2,961.55 and there were over […]
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