Sheltie Sunday ~ Misty Blue’s Reviews ~ Petzana Comfortable Dog Seat Belt Harness For Car

Name Of Item: Petzana Comfortable Dog Seat Belt Harness For Car

Pros: Strap long enough to let pup move back and forth in back seat of car, but not long enough to get into the front seat. Pup not getting tangled up in it. Can also be used as leash.

Cons: Haven’t found any

Review: Being a Shetland Sheepdog I love going around and around in circles. My mom first purchased a seat belt for me that clipped into the car seat belt buckle. Yeah, that was fun. Circling in the back seat always got me tangled in the darn thing. Sometimes the belt would be so tightly wound that it would unclip me and I would be free. I thought it was great, my mom, not so much.

This seat belt makes car rides a lot more fun. I’m no longer tying myself up in uncomfortable positions like a contortionist, as the clip swivels 360 degrees which allows for my hereditary circling behavior. There is a sliding button on the buckle that secures the belt, making it impossible for me to get free. Not a fan of that part, but I know my mom needs me to be safe.

This product has so many great features that my mom needs to buy a few more cars so we can get some more.

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