Sheltie Sunday ~ November Is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month

Animal shelters and rescues often find that their senior residents are often overlooked for adoption.  People tend to walk right past them in search of that cute puppy or fluffy kitten.  Older dogs and cats are the most difficult to place and often spend the the rest of their life living in a shelter or rescue or sadly, being euthanized.

National Adopt A Senior Pet Month is a month in which many shelters and recuses dedicate their time to helping senior pets find their forever home.

There are many reasons to consider adopting a senior pet. Older dogs and cats are just as loving and loyal as their younger counterparts.  Chances are they are housebroken and know basic commands. You don’t have to worry about your furniture or your new pair of shoes.  And they are much more mellow.

If you find yourself looking for a feline or canine companion, please consider the seniors.


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  1. One of the most loving and affectionate cats we ever had was an older friendly street cat I named Ultraviolet. We only had her a year, she broke our hearts when she departed for the Rainbow Bridge but I wouldn’t change a thing, the time we had with her was marvelous.

  2. It is indeed sad that older dogs and cats tend to get overlooked. We adopted an older cat who brought love and joy to our lives for seven years, and will definitely adopt another senior cat when we’re ready.

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