Sheltie Sunday ~ Misty Blue’s Reviews ~ Perfect Curve – The Original Lick Lick Pad

Name Of Item: Perfect Curve – The Original Lick Lick Pad

Pros: Helps entertain pups who aren’t too thrilled with bath time or as a way to settle them down.

Cons: After a while, the pad doesn’t stick too well.


My mom bought the Perfect Curve – The Original Lick Lick Pad  in March 2019 as a way to get me to stay in the bath tub. I don’t like baths. I would rather be caked with mud and smell like an old shoe.

Being a Shetland Sheepdog, I like having a job to do. Licking peanut butter off this bone shaped thing, or as mom would say, this non-toxic silicone bone shaped product, is a job that I like to do and may I add, I do it well.

This awesome tasting product does have a down fall. It doesn’t stick too well after a while. It doesn’t have suction cups to hold it in place.

When first bought it would stick to, not only the bathroom tiles, but the refrigerator, walls and doors. But after time it didn’t stick as well and would end up in the tub or on the floor. Sometimes it fell upside down, and that was a bummer. My mom would wash the back of it and it would work for a while.

To clean it she would put it in the kitchen sink and scrub it with a baby bottle brush. This gets all the residue that can get stuck around the nubs.

The quality of this product is excellent. It gets me in the bath tub and distracts me so my mom can get me clean.

Sadly, after several uses it doesn’t stick like it should.

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