Sheltie Sunday ~ Introducing Misty Blue


BREED – Shetland Sheepdog
SEX – Female
BIRTHDAY – June 1, 2018

Misty Blue (or Misty for short) became part of my family on September 13, 2018.  I believe she picked me and I will explain in another blog post.

Misty LOVES chicken.  Her favorite toy is a ball and she really enjoys playing fetch.  Sometimes she willingly gives you the ball or drops it at your feet and other times she likes to make you work for it.

She loves being outside, especially when the neighborhood kids come to visit her.  She jumps VERY high and runs VERY fast!  She also loves to herd (so far it’s only been people).

Misty is a sweet, gentle girl who seems to be dealing with separation anxiety and other phobias which makes it hard to deal with her at times, as her disposition sometimes changes.  The phobias I believe stem from where she came from and her vet seems to agree with me.  I am trying very hard to understand, prevent and treat her anxiety/phobias.  Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

She is currently in a puppy training class.

Oh, and she really likes to BARK!

No matter what, I love my Misty girl!



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  1. Misty Blue is gorgeous! Herder of people, I like that. She has a good home with you to take care of her, to help her through her separation anxiety and whatever trauma she faced in her earlier years. xx

    • If I could buy her a sheep I would…lol. The herding is cute but can be a bit frustrating when you are in a hurry. She gets a bit upset when we want to go one way and she thinks we should go another.

    • I researched for a breed of dog that could be easily trained. It had to be under a certain weight because of the restrictions of where I live. I have always loved Shelties.

  2. Thunder coats are supposed to help with anxiety. I wish I’d tried one with my dog. Games like hide and seek keep the mind active. I’d hide a toy or treat, and she’d have to find it. It also gave us an opportunity to practice sit and stay, making it more fun. Having a “safe” place, somewhere no one can get her helped my brother-in-law’s dog; she loved her kennel. I’m so happy for you! She’s beautiful.

    • Thank you for the great ideas! She has a crate but she wasn’t sleeping in it anymore. Today I put a blanket over it and now she’s sleeping in it again. I joined a Facebook group on dog enrichment and it’s given me so many good ideas. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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