Overseas Military Coupon Program ~ March 2018 Update

For every package of expired coupons that I send overseas I have to make out a customs form. Yesterday the guy behind the counter at the post office happened to glance at the amount. He was really surprised at the dollar amount that these coupons can add up to.

The package of coupons that I sent out yesterday, March 12, 2018, contained 2,170 coupons and the money value of these coupons was $4,065.40.

I certainly couldn’t have done this alone!  I very much appreciate those who have taken the time to mail these coupons to me so that I can donate them to Plucking Of My Heartstrings adopted military base in Yokosuka, Japan.

You can check out what the Overseas Military Coupon Program is all about by clicking here.

Keep those coupons coming!


Don’t have any coupons to send but would like to help? Please consider making a small donation. Donations will be used for the cost of mailing coupons overseas. Thank you.


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